Hello! My name is Eliza Hendrick and I am a company member at Pivot Dance Center. I am in the process of completing my Girl Scout Silver Award. I understand the financial burden dance can be so, for my project, I am collecting donations of used dance attire and shoes and in August, I am hosting a FREE shop night where you can shop from the donations. Please help me make this event a success by donating any of your gently used dance attire that is too small, or you just don’t wear any more. You can drop off any donations at the studio in the bin placed in the entrance area. The bin will be there throughout the whole summer. Thank you for your support!
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Pivot Dance Center Acceptance Letters are Out!

Audition Day + waiting tirelessly by the mailbox = Legends Acceptance letters!

After countless amount of questions of when and how everyone will receive their letters, Instagram, dance class, and everyones phones were full of exciting conversations on who made what Company. Downsizing from 7 dance companies down to 4 was not an easy task but there it is. Mini Company, Pre Company, Junior Company, and Senior Company all making up one Legendary group of people to represent Pivot Dance Center.Read More


By the end of this June we will be joining in on both Epcot and Magic Kingdom Parades! I can see the excitement in our students with each Instagram post counting down the days and we can admit that we are just as excited as our students! For some this will be the second and others the very first time attending these parades. ┬áNo matter how many times you have performed in Disney, it feels as if it’s the very first time. This Disney trip will be packed with running around, dancing, bobby pins on every hotel room floor, glitter, and hopefully every piece of the many costumes brought for our performance together with the student owning it. Sounds a lot like our June recitals.Read More